Covid Prevention and Safety Policy

Dragonfly is located on a heritage site with a 1912 building that was renovated in 2019 with funding from Columbia Basin Trust, the Province of BC and a mortgage.  

A brand new Trane air exchange, heating, and cooling system was installed.  These two large units use a Hepa filtration exchanges that exchanges the old air out of the building and brings filtered clean air inside, giving us the better air quality than outside.  

Children play outside as much as possible for fresh air and exercise.  
We have sanitizer placed outside the entrance doors and ask parents to come in and help wash their child's hand.

We ask children, parents, and staff to stay home if they are sick. 
We ask that our Team and parents perform a  daily health check of the following symptoms: 1) fever or chills, cough, breathing difficulties, loss of sense of smell or taste,  diarrhea and/or nausea and vomiting.  2) International Travel  3) Confirmed contact with a person with Covid 19.  If you answer YES to two or more of the questions please seek a health assessment by calling 811 or going to your health care practitioner for advise.  

This is a membership facility and is not open to the public.  An appointment must be made before entering the facility by calling or texting Charlotte at 250 270 0058.  We do not ask children or staff to wear masks.  Our team are able to keep safe distance from each other.  

Parents picking up are asked to wear masks if distancing is not possible.  

Cleaning and disinfecting is done throughout the day with high touch surfaces cleaned often.  

Dragonfly staff wear gloves whenever changing a diapers or assisting with a runny nose.   

We have three groups of children at Dragonfly and the staff stay within this group.  The groups are: Infant and Toddler; preschool (group 29 months to school age); and school age 5 - 12 years.