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Contact Us

Looking for a day care or preschool that truly cares about your child? Try our wonderful learning center!
We are open Monday through Friday  from 7:30 am to 5:30pm (6:00 with enough requests)

To contact us please email:


Text or call Charlotte at (250) 270-0058



If sending an enrollment request:  

In the SUBJECT include:

WAITLIST - (Child's Age), (Start Date Requested)


In the BODY include:

Your Name and Contact Information

Child's Age

Start Date Requested

Attendance Requested (Days of Week and Hours Requested)

Any other pertinent details


Please note we have a minimum fee of 8 hrs. attendance for all enrollments

(with the exception of after-school care).

Any requests for 6 months or more in advance of today's date, can expect a delayed response. Our apologies. Do reach out closer to the date. Thank you so much for your patience & understanding.

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