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Our Mission

A quality childcare centre.
We focus on child development and early childhood education.


To build respect for ourselves as creative unique individuals, respect for each other as members of our community, and respect for the environment.


Children are given the freedom to choose from numerous 'discovery centres' set out for children to learn and play with.  We develop the whole child.  We have a strong emphasis on connecting nature, creative development, positive social interaction, active play, cognitive development, self-esteem building, and a sense of belonging.  There are some teacher-led activities such as dance, yoga, gym, games, stories, songs, and animal care.


It is Dragonfly's mandate to offer quality childcare by providing fun activities for the children to learn and play with.  We have an inclusive environment with a diverse group of children.  We build community with special events such as potlucks and optional parent participation field trips.

Affordable Childcare

We offer affordable childcare through the BC government's Affordable Childcare Benefit Program. We support affordable childcare by assisting with grant applications.

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