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Learning Through Play

The programs at our Montessori School are designed to meet the needs of both children and families through specific goals and objectives. We focus on building off of the strengths of each child, taking advantage of every teachable moment to further your little one's early childhood education.

Kids Playing with Lego
Kids with Capes
Happy Kids Huddle


We have an open indoor space for running and imagination games.  We have bikes, a skate board, a gymnastics mat, balls, racquets, an indoor climbing set, buggies, and sit-in cars for optimal gross motor development.

Dress-up Bin

Located in the gym is a favorite centre for children to further emerge themselves in dramatic play


A large array of instruments are available for spontaneous musical expression and skill development. Children's musical confidence grows as they develop rhythm and tone recognition with a keyboard, accordion, drums, ukulele, and more!

Kids Running
Kids Drawing
Kids Stacking Blocks

Outdoor Play

Yoga poses are posted on the wall to inspire stretching and tuning into the body. Children learn how to breath in Yoga/Dance. Yoga Kids video and teacher led yoga are also enjoyed.

Craft Bins and Table

Painting, gluing, cutting, constructing from new and a vast array of reusable (recyclable materials) allow each child to enjoy the discovery of three-dimensional creations.

Lego and Blocks of all sizes

Kids in Daycare
Playing with Rings
Image by Andrew Coop

Cars, Trucks, and Trains

Kids love car and truck play.  We have various tracks to build road designs with.

Board Games

Such as Hungry Hippo and Fishing, and Chutes and Ladders.


Including building tracks for them and other marble games.

Image by zengxiao lin
Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Tanaphong Toochinda


Various magnet sets are available for building and designing with.

Play dough, Gak and/or Magic Mud

Have fun making and playing with in a multitude of creative ways!  We have a new ice cream maker for to make cones and sundays


We have loads of Playmobil for both ages groups.

Image by Jorien Loman

Magic Sand

This new manipulative material provides a rewards sensorial experience as shapes become easily formed.


We are starting seedlings to prepare for our participation in the Radium Community Garden!!  We will have some herbs like chamomile, flowers such as sunflowers, and veggies like carrots.


As part of the ecology program we have two cuddly rabbits named Muffin and Croissant. Children bring vegetable scraps from home to feed the rabbits.

Hands in the Soil
kids looking at fish

Guinea Pigs

Children can pet the very friendly guinea pigs while they sit on their lap on the couch.

Worms and Soil

Available for ongoing appreciating and discovering.


A community fish tank with three different species of aquatic plants provides an inspiring look at the sword fish, goldfish and orange apple snails that thrive in this aquatic eco-system.

Science Class
Playing in Sand
Splashing Water

Science experiments

Science experiments are performed by the children to enhance critical thinking and love of learning.

Sand and Pebble Exploration

This can be a relaxing interactive centre or a highly sociable place to create and play. Water can be added to the sand table for added joy.

Water Exploration

A bin pouring, sifting, funneling, and squeezing are available to interact with the bubble water to build fine motor skills while having fun with friends..

Image by Ryan Quintal
Four children working on puzzles togethe

Cognitive Games

Cognitive Games such as Memory, Dominoes, and Perfection are both fun and educational.


Realistic puzzles from nature, farming, culture, maps, letters, numbers, and construction currently available.


Interactive phonetic sound table along with chalk board to practice writing letters learning from the Montessori Sand Paper Letters. We have a phonetic fishing game to help make learning fun!

Learning Toys
Girl Reading and Laughing
Kids in Preschool

Numerals and Counting

Games and sand paper letters are placed on the wall to feel and learn.


Wonderful books are chosen from the library along with Dragonfly's personal library.

Construction Table

Real nails are used on a piece of wood for the children to develop hand-eye coordination and wood constructing skills.

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