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Charlotte Streicek


Passionate, dedicated, and loving, Dragonfly Discovery Children's Centre teachers love their work and it shows in everything they do. Our goal is to make a positive difference on young kids who come to our Learning Center. Learn more about our day care centre founder, Charlotte Streicek!

Founder Charlotte Streicek

Founder Charlotte Streicek, BHK from UBC, ECE certificate, Montessori Certification birth - 12 years, Recreation Management Diploma, Rediscovery Leadership, Improv Dance at Edam Arts, Wild Crafting, and First Aid.

Charlotte Streicek grew up in the Columbia Valley.  After graduating with a Nancy Green Scholarship, Charlotte moved to the coast to compete on the Canadian Judo Team and in 1989 she took home the gold at the Nationals - going onto compete at the World Championships.

Charlotte has worked closely with children of all ages for the past few decades in various settings including; Independent Schools, Parks and Recreation  for over 10 years, Richmond Nature Park, Youth Special Needs, Rediscovery Camps, Large Group Day Cares with school age and preschool age, Montessori preschools, Wild Voices for Kids, Creative Dance Classes, Planet Artz camps.  One of her most fun and creative projects was designing an Environmental-Arts multi-media dance production about the Web of Life and human interaction with it.

She has two children of her own, a boy and girl.
Charlotte enjoys skating, cross country skiing, biking, camping, dancing, workshops, music festivals, family, friends, and learning new things.

"It is my intention of developing confident, compassionate, caring members of our community!"


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