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​Thank You

A humungous thank you to Dale Shudra getting the Rotary Gardens off the ground with the Invermere Rotary.  This has made our Outdoor program outstanding!

Another enormous thank you to Global Animal Lovers who neutered many of our unexpected baby rabbits and found homes for them!

Another huge hug to Tasha Fishman for donated loads of toys and some furnishing to the centre.  They are some of the kids favorites...such as the ridable Thomas Train and remote control Mator!

Special thanks to the anonymous donations of books that have been dropped off!

To YOU the Families for making this centre happen!  Without your enrollment we would not have this dynamic program that supports us all.   

Sharon Payne - my mom - for her ongoing support and help with the books and taking the responsible adult training to offer assistance to the young children at our centre. 

Childcare Resource and Referral for their ongoing support with providing toys, training, and advise.

Werner Streicek - my dad for the dragonfly sculpture he created and have used amazing large wooden Dragonfly we use in the parade and hope to bring to the Radium Community garden for all to enjoy.

Stephan Gervais for helping put up shelves and hooks.

Ben Luella for being such a cooperative landlord. 

The Hatt’s family for donating the amazing giant wagon that we now use in the parade.

Jeanette and Vaughn Riches for some financial, technical support and donations

Shelley Streicek for inspiration and supplies that make our program even better.

Dustin and Stephane Lambert of Lambert Plumbing and Heating for putting in the utility sink and donating the aquarium. 

Dean of Sheberdean for donating the lighting inspection.

Dee Conklin, the mayor of Radium, for developing and donating the business cards, some posters,  a box full of paper, and a roll of paper through her business Palliser Printing. 

The Pioneer writers, for creating an outstanding article on the centre.  

Nadia and Franz of The Old Saulzburg for donating some fish to the centre and offering up the Bouncy Castle and donating some hot chocolate, toilet paper and bins of rabbit veggie snacks!

Steve Wilson for cutting up and donating the tongue and groove wood and putting together the woodworking table.

Colleen for donating several puzzles and books

Tina for your  donating some popcorn and flour and crafting supplies.

Raymo and Carrie for donating several books and a car for the children to ride in!

Raymo's brother for donating an indoor climber.

Jayce's grandma for donating lots of craft supplies.

Kris and Tyler of Crystal Spring Motel in Radium for donating lots of paper, stamps, and craft supplies.

Karin Weder and Kris McCauly for volunteering to help with the community garden.

Thank you so much for your support!

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